Property Crimes

Larceny, Robbery, Credit Card Fraud, Embezzlement.
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Larceny, Robbery, Credit Card Fraud, Embezzlement.

There are numerous crimes against property in Massachusetts including: Larceny from the Person, Larceny by Stealing Over $1,200 (felony), Larceny by Stealing Under $1,200 (misdemeanor), Identity Fraud (including credit card fraud), Embezzlement, Larceny by False Pretenses, Armed Robbery, Uttering, Breaking and Entering (with intent to commit felony or misdemeanor), and Forgery.

Generally speaking, crimes against property are not treated as seriously as crimes of physical violence. There is, however, still a potential for committed time and other lifelong consequences flowing from a conviction. The Commonwealth usually seeks to prove these cases with documentary evidence such as bank statements, checks, and financial records. The D.A. will likely seek to subpoena these records from the institutions and admit them at trial under the business records exception to hearsay.

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